Virtual Presentations

This page will showcase the virtual presentation options for Halifax 2022.

We have chosen to host our virtual presentations directly in the Fourwaves platform. This link provides some background information on the capabilities of the platform. We will be using most of these features (not all!) so that presenters can customize their presentations spaces as they wish. The platform offers asynchronous and synchronous messaging, and participants can put an announcement on their posters indicating when they will be available for live chats. Session convenors will facilitate live sessions during pre-arranged times to showcase the virtual presentations.

These presentation spaces are much more than just static posters; each participant will be able to upload a short video, powerpoint slides, additional images or text files, and have access to a live video chat at any time.

All virtual participants will have access to the oral presentations during the conference. The links to these will be hosted within the Fourwaves platform in the Schedule page. We anticipate that access will be through a live stream, and as recordings after the conference for a specified length of time (TBD) available to all registrants.

Some short courses/workshops and field trips will also have a virtual attendance option.

There will be events that cannot be live steamed or recorded. These will include the ice-breaker, closing reception, luncheons, and the live poster sessions.

Please check back for more information coming soon!