Technical Program

Conference Theme

The overall theme for Halifax 2022 is “Riding the waves of change – Surfer sur la vague du changement”, and certainly COVID-19 has made that theme even more appropriate than we anticipated!

The conference will consist mainly of oral and poster contributions, arranged in thematic special sessions and symposia as well as in general topical sessions. The schedule will be organized to promote discussion among meeting participants. At this time we are planning for a mostly in-person conference with the possibility for live-streaming or recorded access options for some presenters and/or sessions, with additional virtual participation options TBD.

For inquiries about the Technical Program please contact: Technical Program Chair Chris White (


  • SY-01 Supercontinents, orogenic processes and magmatism: a celebration of the career of Brendan Murphy
    • Damian Nance, Rob Strachan, Cecilio Quesada, Shoufa Lin 
  • SY-02 Pre-Atlantic geological connections among northwest Africa, western Europe, and eastern North America
    • Sandra Barr, Saïd Belkacim, Faouziya Haissen, Yvette Kuiper, Pilar González Montero, John Waldron
  • SY-03 The geological setting of Romer’s Gap: a session in memoriam Jenny Clack
    • Adrian Park, Steve Hinds, Matt Stimson
  • SY-04 IUGS, Geoparks and IGCP – Retrospection, today and the future  
    • Peter Bobrowsky, Katherine Boggs, John Calder, Mostafa Fayek, Stephen Johnston, Daniel Lebel, John Ludden, Guy Narbonne                        

Special Sessions


  • SS-01 Tectonic evolution and secular changes in metallogenesis: a session honouring the dedication to public geosciences of Frank Blackwood
    • Alana Hinchey, Hamish Sandeman, and Steve Piercey
  • SS-02 From the mantle to the crust, the geochemical signatures of igneous processes: a session in honour of Jarda Dostal   
    • John Greenough, Nancy Van Wagoner
  • SS-03 Zooming in to see the big picture: using nano- to micro-scale observations to better understand Earth processes  
    •  Noah John Phillips, Crystal Laflamme, Stan Roozen      
  • SS-04 It’s about time! Advances in petrochronology/thermochronology and applications to tectonics    
    • Antoine Godet, Jamie Cutts, Jeff Marsh, Dawn Kellett, Isabelle Coutand, Chris McFarlane, Kyle Larson, Jeff Pollock
  •  SS-05 Cratons, cratonic magmatism, and diamonds  
    • Yana Fedortchouk, Maya Kopylova, Andrew Schaeffer 
  • SS-06 Expressions of mantle plume–lithosphere interaction on the Earth’s surface 
    • Florian C. Krob, Ulrich A. Glasmacher, Hans-Peter Bung
  • SS-07 Recent advances in the study of Appalachian metamorphism  
    • Deanne van Rooyen, Aphrodite Indares       

Economic Geology and Mineral Deposits

  • SS-08 The critical metal-magma connection: tracing metal source, transport and ore formation. 
    • James Brenan, Erin Adlakha, Neil Bennett, Jacob Hanley
  • SS-09 Advanced targeting of minerals critical to a changing economy  
    • Neil Rogers, Mike Gadd, Chris Lawley
  • SS-10 Current perspectives on the setting and origin of volcanogenic massive sulfide (VMS) deposits
    • Steve Piercey, Michelle DeWolfe, James Walker
  • SS-11 Metasomatic iron oxide and alkali-calcic systems with IOCG and associated critical mineral deposits
    • James Conliffe, Erin Adlakha, Louise Corriveau 
  • SS-12 Thar’s gold in them thar hills! Gold mineralization in the Appalachians and beyond
    • Aaron Bustard, Wouter Bleeker, Mitchell Kerr, Ian Honsberger, Kevin Neyedley
  • SS-13 Pb-Zn potential of Lower Carboniferous platforms of the North Atlantic margin
    • Sean McClenaghan, David Lentz
  • SS-14 Advances in hyperspectral methods for mineral exploration and production: new techniques in the search for critical minerals
    • Derek Wilton, Gary Thompson, Philip Lypaczewski
  • SS-15 Toward environmentally responsible resource extraction
    • David Blowes, Matt Lindsay, David Wilson
  • SS-16 Advanced analytical techniques applied to geochemical and indicator mineral exploration
    • Sheida Makvandi, Roger C. Paulen
  • SS-17 The International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP): advances in earth sciences from marine scientific drilling
    • John Jamieson, Anne de Vernal, Calvin Campbell, Mark Hannington, Dominique Weis

Quaternary Studies

  • SS-18 Evolution of glacial dispersal models, general subglacial processes and mapping applications, in honour of Ralph Stea’s contributions to Quaternary geology in Canada.
    • Denise Brushett, Roger Paulen, Mike Parkhill
  • SS-19 Novel applications and technique advances of cosmogenic nuclides
    • Gerald Raab
  • SS-20 Geohazards and surface processes
    • John Gosse, Maureen Matthew

Sedimentary Geology

  • SS-21 Evaporites: deposition, deformation, dissolution
    • John W.F. Waldron, Markus Albertz, Paul Durling, Steven J. Ings, Mo Snyder
  • SS-22 Sedimentary basins: new approaches and integrated studies
    • Lynn Dafoe, Nikole Bingham-Koslowski  
  • SS-23 Tectonics, stratigraphy, and natural resource potential of rifted continental margins: North Atlantic Ocean and beyond
    • Luke Beranek, Emily Johns-Buss, Dave Lowe
  • SS-24 Orogenic processes seen through the sedimentary rock record  
    • Shawna White, Ben M. Frieman, Rasmus Haugaard
  • SS-25 Deepwater depositional systems: from processes to deposits
    • Lilian Navarro


  • SS-26 Dynamic transitions in Earth’s Proterozoic surface environments and biosphere
    • Leslie J. Robbins, Michael G. Babechuk, Kurt O. Konhauser
  • SS-27 Life and environments through time
    • Katie Maloney, Brandt Gibson     

Earth Sciences and Society

  • SS-28 Canadian earth sciences needs everyone
    • Carla Skinner, Jennifer P. Cuthbertson, Nicole LeRoux, Ricardo Ferreira Louro Silva, Dawn Kellett
  • SS-29 Indigenous contributions to Canadian geoscience
    • Jason Loxton
  • SS-30 Geoscience in the energy transition
    • Carla Skinner, Grant Wach
  • SS-31 Forensic geoscience
    • Grant Wach, Shari Forbes, Laurence Donnelly, Alastair Ruffell
  • SS-32 The wonders of wine geoscience      
    • John Greenough, Denise Bruschett

Geoscience Education

  • SS-33 Towards an integrated future for geoscience education and outreach in Canada 2.0: where are we today? Setting a roadmap for the future    
    • Beth McLarty-Halfkenny, Amanda McCallum, Lesley Hymers, Courtney Onstad
  • SS-34 Geoscience education: teaching the earth sciences in a (post) pandemic era in higher education. 
    • Anne-Marie Ryan, Charly Bank   


  • SS-35 Application of rock dust to rivers and soils: Is enhanced weathering effective in drawing down CO2, increasing ecosystem productivity and reducing effects of acidification?
    • Shannon Sterling       
  • SS-36 From land to sea: Groundwater-ocean interactions along the world’s longest coast
    • Barret Kurylyk, Julia Cantelon, Cécile Coulon
  • SS-37 Groundwater and agriculture
    •  Serban Danielescu, Yefang Jiang
  • SS-38 Groundwater and climate change   
    • Marie Larocque, Diana Allen
  • SS-39 Numerical modelling in hydrogeology : New insights and innovative applications 
    • John Molson, Rene Therrien
  • SS-40 Groundwater in cold regions
    • Nathan Young, Aaron Mohammed, Jean-Michel Lemieux
  • SS-41 Understanding frozen ground impacts on critical zone hydrology in a changing climate
    • David L. Rudolph, Edwin Cey       
  • SS-42 Freshwater groundwater – surface water interactions
    • Jim Roy, Clare Robinson  
  • SS-43 Energy development and groundwater
    • Jasmin Raymond, Steve Grasby
  • SS-44 Geogenic groundwater contaminants and drinking water
    • Vincent Cloutier, Gavin Kennedy 
  • SS-45 “High-drogeology”: Groundwater in mountains and highlands
    • Lauren Somers
  • SS-46 Coupled processes in deep geological repositories
    • Magdalena Krol, Jamie Noël, Josh Neufeld, Sarah Hirschorn, Peter Keech
  • SS-47 Hydrogeophysical characterization and monitoring
    • Christopher Power, Colby Steelman       
  • SS-48 Contaminant hydrogeology: the sources and fate of pollutants in groundwater
    • Geneviève Bordeleau, Eric Rosa 

General Sessions

GS-01 Environmental geoscience    

GS-02 Hydrogeology 

GS-03 Geophysics     

GS-04 Igneous and metamorphic geology   

GS-05 Mineralogy and crystallography       

GS-06 Paleontology  

GS-07 Planetary geology      

GS-08 Sedimentology and stratigraphy      

GS-09 Structure & tectonics 

GS-10 Marine Geology         

Citobun, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons