Short Courses and Workshops

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Registration for short courses and workshops is officially closed but some courses can still accept additional registrants. Please check which ones still have space here.

See the bottom of this page for a downloadable pdf with extended descriptions of courses, pricing, and schedules. More information will be added to this as it becomes available, so please check back before registering for courses.

Pre-conference Short Courses and Workshops

  • SCW-A1 Metasomatic Iron and Alkali-Calcic Systems with IOCG and Associated Critical Mineral Deposits: Prospectivity of the Canadian Appalachian Orogen
    • This short course will i) introduce MIAC systems, their affiliated critical metal deposits and variations in metasomatic footprints, ii) provide an overview on the current knowledge of MIAC-affiliated deposits in the Canadian Appalachians, including evidence for their classification, alteration characteristics and linkages to current MIAC system models, and iii) exploration strategies (e.g. field tools, geochemical discriminations) and case studies for MIAC deposits in the Canadian Appalachians.
    • May 14-15, full days with a VIRTUAL option available.
    • Location: St. Marys University
    • Leaders: Erin Adlakha, Louise Corriveau, Kevin Neyedley, James Conliffe, Nicolas Piette-Lauziere
  • SCW-A2 Quantitative X-Ray diffraction and infrared spectroscopy applied to mineral exploration and mineralogical studies
    • This workshop has been cancelled.
  • SCW-A3 Technical writing workshop for students and early career researchers
    • This one day workshop for students and other emerging geoscience professionals will teach key elements of scientific/technical communication. Individual and group assignments and a presentation/technical report will be completed in laboratory sessions.
    • May 15, full day
    • Location: St. Marys University
    • Leader: Jacob Hanley
  • SCW-A4 Fundamentals and Application of Hydrogeochemistry
    • This workshop has been cancelled.

Post-conference Short Courses and Workshops

  • SCW-B1 Entrainment and transport of diamonds from depth: Physical and chemical evidence from mantle indicator minerals, diamonds and kimberlites.
    • This short course will cover recent scientific advancements in three areas: 1) use of indicator minerals for examination of thermochemical processes in diamond-bearing mantle lithosphere, 2) surface features on micro- and macro-diamonds as a tool for modelling of kimberlite pipes and processes occurring from lithospheric mantle to upper crust; 3) advanced analytical studies of mineralogical, geochemical and isotopic features of kimberlites to improve the understanding of their genesis, evolution and diamond potential.
    • May 19-20, full days with a VIRTUAL option available.
    • Location: Dalhousie University
    • Leaders: Yana Fedortchouk, Herman Grutter, Ingrid L. Chin, Andrea Giuliani
  • SCW-B2 QAQC Quality assessment methods in geochemical research, mineral exploration, and mining, with a focus on precious metal data
    • This short course presents both the theory behind geochemical data quality assessment methods for mineral exploration sampling and resource definition, and a clear and practical approach to the design, implementation, and assessment of such methods. Emphasis will be placed on the use of quality control data to reduce ambiguities that impede the interpretation of mineral exploration results, and to minimize uncertainties in resource estimation, both of which can be adapted to QAQC efforts applicable to geochemical research activities.
    • May 21
    • Location: VIRTUAL course delivered live online, 12pm – 9pm Atlantic time
    • Leader: Cliff Stanley
  • SCW-B3 Critical Thinking in the Aquifer Test Interpretation
    • This full-day course presents a rigorous yet practical approach for the diagnosis of aquifer response and the estimation of representative aquifer properties from pumping tests. The lectures and discussion are designed to go beyond the nuts-and-bolts of aquifer test interpretation and address concepts of critical interpretation.
    • May 19, full day
    • Location: Dalhousie University
    • Leader: Christopher Neville
  • SCW-B4 Applications of cosmogenic nuclides in earth sciences
    • This workshop focuses on the applications of cosmogenic nuclides 3He, 10Be, 14C, 21Ne, 26Al, 36Cl, and some Ar isotopes for determine ages and rates of Earth processes over the past 40 million years. We begin with basic theory, then cover the sampling strategies and sources of error for exposure dating, isochron burial dating, catchment wide average erosion rates, meteoric isotope for dating soils, ice cores, marine and lake sediments and Fe-Mn nodules, and innovative advances such as paleotopometry which links thermochronology with TCN erosion methods, measurements of glacial erosion efficacy which may be useful for mineral exploration in glaciated terrain, and the wide range of new applications for in-situ 14C in quartz.
    • May 19, full day
    • Location: Dalhousie University
    • Leader: John Gosse

The pdf below has extended descriptions of courses and activities. Additional information will be added, so please check back before registering for any courses.