Outreach and Education activities

The activities being planned for the Outreach and Education Session will include in-person field trips, workshops, and presentations aimed at K-12 educators and enthusiasts. The main Outreach and Education activity will take place during a two-day workshop on May 16th and 17th organized in four thematic sessions. The workshop presentations will include engaging demonstrations, lively round table discussions, and practical inquiry-based hands-on activities.

Outreach and Education Workshop May 16 – 17

The two-day workshop will be oriented towards teaching practices that will develop critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills. The format of the workshop presentations will provide participants the opportunity to actively participate in inquiry-based, hands-on experiences rather than lecturing.  The four themes are:

  • Building Blocks of the Earth: topics such as rock & mineral identification, plate tectonics, erosion and weathering, oceanography, meteorology
  • Stories in the Stone: topics related to geologic time, palaeontology, fossils
  • Geology in Society: topics may include geologic hazards, rock and mineral uses
  • Indigenous Teachings of the Earth: Indigenous ways of knowing, land-based knowledge

Participants will also have the option to register for additional conference activities.

  • Wednesday May 18th: Participation in the Technical Program – Geoscience Education Special Session 33 (SS-33)
  • Saturday May 21st: Post-conference field trip to Partridge Island, in the vicinity of Parrsboro, NS

Registration for Outreach and Education Activities

Registration will be done through our conference registration system on Fourwaves, with specific options for teachers. Registration for the Parrsboro field trip will only be open until April 29th. Registration for all other activities will continue to be available until May 2nd.

Workshop Program

The program is available here:  

Inquiries about Outreach activities should be directed to Louise Leslie (louise.leslie@hotmail.ca).

Green Cove, Cape Breton Island (photo D. van Rooyen)