Abstract Submissions and Registration

Abstracts and Registration will be handled through Fourwaves at https://event.fourwaves.com/halifax2022/pages. All payments will be done through Stripe through Fourwaves to ensure security for all transactions.

By submitting an abstract or registering for the conference you agree to follow all Public Health directives in place at the time of the conference, and agree to follow the GAC Code of Conduct for all meeting activities. Please read the GAC Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics here.

Presentation Options

We are accepting abstracts for three types of presentation:

In-person oral presentation of 20 minute talk in a technical session

In-person poster presentation during scheduled poster sessions

Virtual Presentation on our Fourwaves platform with recorded talk during sessions

The Virtual Presentation Space provides you with 250 MB of digital space to upload a poster, short video, figures, or text files for sharing that will be available before, during, and after the meeting. You will also have a video chat stream related to your presentation for live conversations (up to 8 participants at a time), and will be able to receive and respond to written comments at any time. There will be several scheduled times to virtually meet up with live visitors to discuss your research that will be facilitated through session organizers, and you will be able to schedule your own meet-ups by inviting visitors at any time. There will not be any live virtual talks during the in-person conference sessions but the option to provide a pre-recorded talk is available to all virtual presenters.

All sessions including medalist talks will be live-streamed as they happen, and will be available as recordings after the sessions. All virtual presenters have the option to provide a recorded talk to play during the live sessions.

Abstracts, talks, and posters can be submitted in French or English.

Abstract Submission

Abstract submission is now closed. All acceptance notices have been sent. Session assignments are final at this point, some sessions had to be combined or changed to account for submission volumes/types in different sessions.

The preliminary schedule of all sessions is now available on the Technical Program page. Further details and the electronic schedule on Fourwaves will be forthcoming. You will be able to access the schedule through your Fourwaves account (Fourwaves).

Please make sure that you register for the conference, and be aware of these upcoming deadlines:

·       Early Bird registration closes March 31.

·       Registration for field trips, short courses, and workshops close on March 31st (Field trips, Short courses and workshops).

·       Registration for special events is available (Events).


Conference Registration is now closed. On-site registration will be open again on Sunday May 15th at https://event.fourwaves.com/halifax2022/registration.

Registration costs before taxes
Day pass – member$200.00NA
Day pass – non-member$250.00NA
Full member, early$450.00$175.00
Full member, late$550.00$225.00
Non-member, early$550.00$225.00
Non-member, late$650.00$275.00
Student, member$125.00$75.00
Retired, member$125.00$75.00
Non-member student & retiree$175.00$125.00
Teacher registration only for CGEN workshop$25.00$25.00
Teacher 2-day workshop registration$50.00NA

Cancellation policies

  • Any presentation mode chosen during abstract submission can be switched by editing your abstract submission form until March 1st, 2022. This does not affect your abstract fee. This does not automatically switch your registration type if you have already registered, you will have to do that in a separate transaction. 
  • Registration can be cancelled before March 31, 2022 for a full refund. 
  • Registration can be switched from in-person to virtual attendance before March 31st, 2022 with the difference refunded. 
  • Registration can be changed from virtual to in-person before March 31st, 2022 but the difference in registration fees will need to be paid at that time. 
  • After March 31st, 2022 no refunds can be provided. 
  • If unforeseen circumstances arise, please contact us directly.

Membership Renewal

To renew your membership in any of the sponsoring societies to take advantage of the reduced membership registration rates, please visit the links on the Societies page. Have your membership email (for GAC) or number ready when you register!

Membership renewal for GAC

Membership renewal for MAC

Membership renewal for IAH-CNC

Membership renewal for CSPG