Fourwaves FAQ

Online conference platform and schedule

We will be using the Fourwaves conference platform for abstract submission, registration, virtual conference activities, and the online schedule. All of these things are accessed from one account and once your account is active you will be able to edit your abstract or registration, add events to your registration (e.g. lunches, field trips, workshops etc.), and access the online schedule. You will also be able to view the virtual posters and all their accompanying material

If you are a virtual participant you will submit your poster and other material through the same account into the platform, and you will access the live streams from all the in-person sessions through the schedule page. All virtual sessions before and during the conference will take place in the Fourwaves platform.

The first thing you have to do to access the online conference platform and schedule is to activate your Fourwaves account.

Activating your account

Use the link at the bottom of your abstract confirmation email to activate your account to the Fourwaves platform by filling in your account details and creating a password. Alternatively, navigate to the Fourwaves site (Halifax 2022 GAC-MAC-IAH-CNC-CSPG Joint Meeting ( and click on the “Log in” button located at the top right of the page. Then click on “Get a new password” and use the link that is emailed to you to activate your account by filling in your account details and creating a password. The most common error at this stage is to try to log in with an email that is different than the one you used to submit your abstract or registration, please do check this!

Finding your presentation and checking the schedule

1. If you are looking in the public schedule (when you are NOT logged in to your account) click on the day you want to search and use your browser’s search function to find the name you are looking for. You have to click on a specific day before searching or it will not work.

2. A better way to search is to log into your account and search the tab called “Presentations” that you see once you are logged in. You can search by name or session and all the selections that fit your search term will be shown under the search box. This option includes posters and virtual posters as well so you have a more complete database to search.

3. You can also search the schedule when you are logged in, but as for the public one make sure you are search one day at a time.

4. If you want to bookmark any presentations that can be done in the “Presentations” tab and saved to your account to create a personalized schedule in your bookmarks.

Finding your poster location in the poster hall

  • Posters are organized by session, and those are in numerical order. At the bottom of this page there is a list of all the posters with their titles and a number for each.
  • Find your poster and make a note of the number in the yellow highlighted column. This is your poster number.
  • When you get to the Halifax Convention Center find the poster board with your number and put up your poster
  • Poster boards are 4’ x 8’ (maximum dimensions), on 30” legs and Velcro and push-pin compatible.
  • Posters can be put up during the Icebreaker reception on Sunday night or during the day on Monday
  • All posters will remain up for both poster sessions on Monday and Tuesday from 5-7 pm
  • Presenters are expected to be at their posters for both poster sessions

Editing your registration

You can edit your registration to add events, field trips, or make changes. Do not try to make a new registration, if you have done one registration you are already in the system so you have to edit the existing one rather than start a new one.

1. Once you have activated your account and are logged into the Fourwaves site, use your mouse to hover over your initials in the box at the top right of the page. You will see a drop-down menu with “my registration” title listed under “This event”.

2. Scroll down through the registration form to find the aspect that you wish to modify. If there are no payments involved, click on “Save form” to save your changes.

3. If you added new events that require payments a payment window will appear. Complete the required payments and save your receipts.

Note: If you need to cancel something you have paid for already you need to get in touch with the Registration team.

Note: If you need to change your presentation from virtual to in-person or the other way around you need to get in touch with the Technical program team.

Uploading posters and other material to Fourwaves

The submission form will be open from May 1st to May 9th. It will close at 11:30pm Atlantic time on May 9th. Uploading a poster is mandatory for all virtual attendees, all other material is optional, and uploads are optional for all in-person attendees.

  • Log into your Fourwaves account
  • Hover over your initials (upper right corner) and select the abstract for which you want to upload material
  • Click on that abstract, and you will see the submission form with categories of material you can upload (poster, figures, slides, and video).
  • Please check the file types and size limits carefully before trying to upload material.
  • Drag and drop your content under the prodder heading (Poster, Figures, or Slides) or upload with the “browser to add” button. Click the Save Form button – without clicking this button your work will not be saved.

Accessing the schedule with live streams and abstracts

You can access abstracts by searching the “Presentations” tab on your Fourwaves account, or by clicking on any presentation listed in the “Schedule” tab. This includes poster presentations which are all schedules into the Poster Sessions.

Poster Locations in the HCC

Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding virtual presentations. We thought if a few participants have questions it is likely that many other do as well!

Do I have to provide a pre-recorded talk? YES, unless you filled out the opt-out form you have to provide a pre-recorded talk that will be played live during your session. (All virtual presenters were given the option of doing a recorded talk, and instructed to opt out if they did not want to do one, only 3 people chose that option – check the email from March 15.) If you have a serious issue and you cannot provide a pre-recorded talk you need to get in touch with immediately because the program is going to the printers on April 28th.

Does this recorded talk replace the virtual material (poster, slides, figures, short video) that I can upload? NO, the intention was always for virtual participants to be able to upload a poster and extra material for maximum exposure. The choice of what to upload is yours, everyone originally signed up for at least a poster so that should not be a problem. However, we understand that circumstances change so upload what you can.

Will someone be checking whether I upload virtual material? NO. The choice of what to upload remains with each presenter. We would love to see everyone participating virtually take advantage of the options and upload at least a poster, but we are not going to check up on anyone. If you want to skip the poster and upload your slides only that is your choice. That said, the success of the virtual part of the program will in a large part be driven by the availability and accessibility of material for people to see, so it is encouraged to share any material that you can.

How long will material be available for viewing? All material including recordings of the live streams will stay up until the end of June 2022, after which it will all be taken down.

Do I have to be at the virtual sessions? YES, if at all possible. The virtual sessions are the times specifically set up for virtual presenters to be in their spaces with their material so that they can see each other’s work and interact. The success of the virtual part of the program will depend on the presence and participation of the virtual participants.

Will in-person participants be able to upload material? YES, this is an option for all in-person participants. Poster presenters are particularly being encouraged to upload their posters because that will be the only way for virtual participants to see them.

Can I make changes to my abstract? NO, PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO DO THIS.

How do I access the live presentations? The links to all live sessions will be available in the schedule on Fourwaves, when they links go live each day you can click in and watch.