Field Trips

The East Coast of Canada is a terrific location to visit classic and informative field locations and Halifax 2022 will feature many of these in the field trip program. Trips proposed (as of April 2021) include:

  • Geology, groundwater and wines of the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia (Denise Brushett, David Brown, Gavin Kennedy, Barret Kurylyk)
  • Strike-slip and salt tectonics along a late Paleozoic transform fault, Nova Scotia (John Waldron)
  • Meguma gold deposits (Rick Horne, Dan Kontak)
  • Northwest African and Iberian crustal blocks in eastern North America – geological comparisons and correlations (part of IGCP 683; Sandra Barr, Yvette Kuiper, Deanne Van Rooyen, Chris White)
  • Celebrating 180 years of Windsor Group geology: sinkholes, Mastodons and wine (Tim Fedak)
  • Stratigraphy and tectonic setting of the Bathurst Mining Camp (Jim Walker, Aaron Bustard, Dustin Dahn)
  • Telling the story of the Cliffs of Fundy UNESCO Global Geopark, Nova Scotia: linking geoheritage, indigenous heritage, and culture (Caleb Grant, John Calder, David Piper, Georgia Pe-Piper, Louise Leslie)
  • Geology of the Coastal Volcanic Belt exposed along the coast of Passamaquoddy Bay (Nancy Van Wagoner, Dave Lentz)
  • CSPG field trip (Carla Skinner, Grant Wach, Yarina Moharam)
  • Adding a virtual component to existing trips or a stand-alone virtual trip (Jason Loxton, Amy Tizzard)

If you are interested in organizing and leading a field trip related to the event, please contact Amy Tizzard: (902-774-1411).

Pleasant Bay Complex, Cape Breton Island (photo D. van Rooyen)